Transmission:08.07|Stop fucking complaining and do some work!

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First, some linkage to keep you busy away from this blog that keeps you away from the porn. No seriously. Put it away. I don’t want to see that picture of the Russian midget woman fucking an elephant with a strap-on.

  • [You Don’t Know Jack] Remember that game with that giant head on the cover? You don’t? You really suck then. You Don’t Know Jack is back, and this site has little mini-episodes complete with the DisOrDat and the Jack Attack. Enjoy the verbally abusive trivia on your Hypnobox!

Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

Let’s keep in mind that I don’t make this blog political. But when I hear things like this, it makes me giddy.

The Government is actually giving a crap about high schools around the country. There’s legislation pending about high school graduation requirements. Now, when I went to High school, you may not graduate if you don’t do a final research paper and you can forget about college if you don’t take a college prep english class. On top of these requirements for successful completion of high school, you have to take an achievement test AND PASS IT to graduate high school.

Pennsylvania students have to take something like that called the Pennsylvania Standard of State Assessment, or the PSSA. I passed it the first time, not saying that I passed with flying colors or anything, but at least I can tell you or anybody else I am competent when it comes to High School education. Of course, I bitched and moaned about taking it at first, but in the long run, I’m so glad I’m not one of the other ones that have to take it over and over and over again. They want to make this kind of assessment standard in every school district across this great land.

It’s about time.

Okay, I know there will be a few of you out there that say, “I can’t pass the class because the teacher don’t like me,” or “I can’t pass this class because this teacher don’t know nothin’.” Now, there’s a test that teachers have to take as well to prove their competency. If the teacher passes, you can shut up now. You failed, you didn’t give an effort, you don’t graduate. Get over yourself. I’m sick of you not blaming yourself for failure.

If people like you are the future I fear that people like you will become D-student senators and F-student congressmen! And please, if you want to be a doctor and your GPA is under 2.5, please don’t do surgery on me if i need it, my worst fear is laying on the operating table and the last thing i hear when I go under is “Nurse, the sharp pointy thing, please.” Even worse, if you’re my lawer and I get sued, I don’t want one that thinks Habeus Corpus has something to do with the dead.

Listen to me. Stop making excuses. If you want to go far in life, study, work hard, and if you err, get your ass up and try again. If you have no dreams, no goals or any expectations in life, then why be in school? If they want to live in a minivan under a bridge, hey, more power to you, be a hobo. Stop wasting your time, stop wasting funding. If you want to stand on the corner waiting for something to happen for the rest of your life, hey, that’s great. But the money used to keep your sorry ass in school can be used for new textbooks, new computers, better facilities and other proactive things. Nobody is going to make things easy for you because you decide to go to a great college and major in lunch.

Society today is already going down the shitter. The school systems these days, especially in the inner city, just stop expecting a lot from students. They make subjext material easier, pass people no matter what the grade they should have got was, I can’t believe that the high expectations that people have for students are EXPONENTIALLY higher then for the expect for themselves!! But I can tell you what, if you go to college and want to get a six or seven figure career, they’re not going to make the subject material easier for you. Microbiology is microbiology. The Bar Exam is The Bar Exam. These things are not going to change because you decide to waste your money.


Transmission:08.06|Rant: Job Corps, like a prison colony, but it pays for college!

•January 28, 2008 • 60 Comments

Disclaimer: And now, a rant. In these rants, I do not care who i offend or scare or whatever, when I rant about something nobody’s safe.

The Department of labor founded an organization known as Job Corps. I have mentioned it a few times in past transmissions. You probably shake your head and wonder, “What the hell is Job Corps?”. Well, this organazation takes people who are at-risk or just need money to pay for college like me and accomidate them financially to do so. Sounds like a good deal right? Hold on there, Jethro. The commercial doesn’t do Job Corps the justice it deserves. I am a Job Corps student and there are some things that you should know about the program.

  1. When you start, you go through orientation when you go to college. It’s four weeks you will never get back. There are some things that are standard when it comes to any kind of orientation; speakers, paperwork, etc. Be prepared to go through long periods of time between doing anything in this program.
  2. The students you deal with in this program are loud, unruly, and disrespectful to both other students and counselors. If you try to ask a question in a group, forget about it. If you want that information, you have to listen very carefully, and good luck with that with the people you’re around. If you hate rap music, no lie, you are going to be ridiculed and annoyed.
  3. Do not go if you are white. If you are white, you better be one of those wigger kids. Otherwise you are subject to the racial verbal abuse given on a daily basis.
  4. Be prepared to sit in the wellness center for hours on end for the first week. Be prepared to hear people complain about everything in the world. “Oo, Negative!! They ain’t stickin’ me with no needles man!”
  5. The disorganazation of the staff is mind-boggling. My god. They give you a schedule every week and then they don’t adhere to it AT ALL. Just go to lunch every day at the same time, then go to the room where the group meets and then ZOMG! MORE CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE TO MAKE UP FOR THE ITEMS THAT WE MISSED! Infuriating.
  6. Don’t even ask about anything to the staff. They will look at you like you’re a piece of shit and then give you some smartass answer. In fact, don’t talk to the staff at all.
  7. Don’t even think about staying on-campus. From []:
    • [quote] “The living conditions were disgusting. One of the females on my floor even defecated in the shower and one threw used tampons in on the floor. No one should have to live like that.”
  8. On pay-day, they will find ways to fine you.
  9. I sit around and wonder how the HELL these people end up in college. They just take anyone now, but that really doesn’t mean that they’ll be there for long.
  10. Policies change so many times it’s horrible.
  11. Don’t get me started on the standard of dress. The clothes they give you are starched like no tomorrow and they’re itchy.  No individuality whatsoever.
  12. In college, you’re treated like an adult. In Job Corps, you’re not treated like a high-schooler, you’re treated like a delinquent. Damn, I never got in trouble with anyone. Why the hell must you treat me like shit? There’s someone else out there destroying property, give this treatment to someone who deserve it!
  13. If you even try to open your mouth to tell other kids to shut up, you are just asking the students to start shit with you. “Don’t start with me. You don’t know who you’re fuckin’ with. I am not the one.” Fuck you.
  14. There’s always someone who wants a cigarette. Then when you turn around and want one of theirs, they charge you.
  15. When you get your pay or your bus pass, come early or you will stay in line for what seems like hours for your meager pay. Again, you are subject to verbal abuse in blackanese, and horrible rap music.
  16. The bathrooms are just bad. They are three times worse than a portapotty.
  17. The food is nothing to write home about, but it’s free. Yay. Oh, if you spill something, wipe it up because the janitors there will just put a “wet floor” sign over the spill and they won’t clean it up. They’ll just let it soak in so that your shoes will stick to the ground. “OH NO THEY DI-INT. I GOT ORANGE SODA ON MY TIMBS!” Fuck your Timbs. If I fall and break my neck, you’ll laugh at me, i’ll black out and I can sue. Now who’s laughing.
  18. You can’t listen to your iPod to tune out the idiots.
  19. They will mark you AWOL for not signing the right sheet.
  20. When you walk out for your next cigarette, don’t stand next to a dorm window. They will throw shit out the window. Cups, plates, dirty underwear.

Keep in mind, this is Pittsburgh’s Job Corps Center (labled as the BEST Job Corps Center in the country)that this anger is geared to. It may be different in other places, but i seriously doubt it. If you consider going here, please keep this entry in consideration. Enjoy your stay at Job Corps, douchebags!

Conversation:08-02| Not really hunting and pecking

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Me (9:07:50 PM): Yay done studying.
Heather (9:08:13 PM): woot. lol i can only type with one hand
Me (9:08:22 PM): what are you doing with the…
Me (9:08:24 PM): ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Me (9:08:26 PM): heather!!
Heather (9:09:01 PM): no you pervert
Me (9:09:12 PM): haha

Conversation was via AIM, screen names have been changed to protect the innocent and horny.

Transmission:08-05|Happy Birthday, Ceremony!

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If you know what ceremony is, then you might also know that it’s their 11th anniversary of existance. Congratulations, guys and attending that party is going to be a fucking blast. If you don’t know what Ceremony is, then I’m not going to sit here and explain for a fucking hour and explain it to you. Figure it out yourself.

Yesterday, in a word, blew.  I go to Job Corps, and I get to see all the people I talked to in that Hellish 4-week period. When I go to finance and pick up my pay, I find out that it’s only $11.60? What the fuck am I going to do with that little bit of money? I can’t even drink proficiently with that little bit of money. Fuck. Also, something i can’t understand and what I’m going to fight is the fact that I have four AWOL days? How the fuck did I get FOUR? I can understand two because one I didn’t go and another because I forgot to sign in… but where did the other two come from?

I was supposed to go on a date afterwards, and, surprise, it didn’t happen.

Shitty day Friday  was.

Transmission:08-04| residuum of the first Exam…

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I think that I might have beaten my original record time when it came to taking a test. That made me happy because that class is damn near 3 hours long and I didn’t want to be there all of that time. I’m a busy man. I have other shit to do like…um…update this blog…uh…sleep…OH watching the Penguins play the Flyers tonight.

We really need to win otherwise our standings might just well be poop. With Sidney Crosby out, we’re 1-0-1 with 3 points. It will be a long 13-game stretch without him so of course people need to step up. People like Evgeni Malkin and Irish Ty Conklin. But this isn’t a sports blog so I’ll digress.

I’m supposed to get paid tomorrow from the evil power known as Job Corps. The only good thing that comes out of that program is the money. The staff is very unhelpful and just plain mean. On day one, the staff member we were working with said that we were a very good group and then turns around and demeans the hell out of us for like four weeks. What the hell man? I was hung over! The last thing I want to hear is you yelling and telling us to be quiet. Cunt.


I have had about enough of you.

Anyway, I’m on location in the CCAC computer lab and I’m watching my friend Mark suck at the game of checkers. He’s yelling at the screen like he’s at a hockey game. Sad thing is, as soon as I look over there, he triple jumps some poor asshole who’s playing him. Not going to bust out the failboat today. Sorry.

Congratulations to my friend Maurice who came in second place in the weekly Poker Tournament at Shootz Cafe.

:end transmission

Transmission:08-03| First Exam day! -.-x

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I’m sneezing my lungs out again. I must be having another allergy attack. Isn’t it great? I love it.

But seriously, my head feels like it’s going to explode.

I have my first test that counts this semester, and really, I’m not nervous at all. Why? Because it’s a MAT-101test and as long as I remember that 7*4=28 and not 21 then I am sure to be fine.

Floyd the Monkey is sad.
Anyway, it’s always great to be able to survive the first week of classes in school because if you end up going crazy on the fifth day, people laugh at you and then you fail. Though failure can be funny, having people laugh at you before you fail is not. So do it in that order. Fail, then have people laugh at you.


Das Failboot.

A shift in power has gone from the professors to myself. That’s right. I’m ahead in like three of my classes, and I’m a slacker! College isn’t as hard as people make it out to be, and what I made it out to be when I went to California University of Pennsylvania.

At this college, I’m more prone to go to class because I get bored at home after 11:00 after the Price is Right goes off. So I guess I have to learn some stuff so i can make monies later on in life. The only sad part about this place…no stag parties, no drunk women and no real college sports.

There’s a reason why I’m going to Pitt in two years.

Anyway, I have to go to Ceremony (our local Goth club…Pittsburgh’s ONLY goth club…Pittsburgh needs MORE goth clubs…Pittsburgh needs to kill off the Hip-hop and emo scenes…) on saturday otherwise Maurice is apparently going to kill me if I don’t show up. Since I’m single now, it’s gonna be more fun to go to the club because of the women that will show up. w00t.

I’ve already slept for four hours today, let’s try to triple that now

:end Transmission

Netblog-08:01| More Reasons why I love the Pensblog.

•January 23, 2008 • 4 Comments

First off, some bits and pieces of stuff that I have found online.

  • [The Pensblog Photoshop Expo 2008] Have I mentioned lately that I love the Pensblog? I haven’t? Well, if you haven’t been there, the Pensblog is just that, A blog about the Pens (the Pittsburgh Penguins for you dumbasses out there who have never seen hockey a minute of your miserable lives). They just released their new “Photoshop expo 2008” making fun of everything in Hockey from Don Cherry, to the Philadelphia Flyers and Ty Conklin (aka the Conk-Blocker). Take a look at this, some of this is pure GOLD.  Not for the easily offended.
  • [Flash Flash Revolution] This site is not new to me, but if you are one of the many who use StepMania to Play Dance Dance Revolution on your computer, this better be an important site for you. There are THOUSANDS of Songs and step-charts there for you to download and play on your Hypnoboxes.

Now, we return you to the regularly scheduled post.

Oh wait.

No Post.

Just links.