Transmission:08.06|Rant: Job Corps, like a prison colony, but it pays for college!

Disclaimer: And now, a rant. In these rants, I do not care who i offend or scare or whatever, when I rant about something nobody’s safe.

The Department of labor founded an organization known as Job Corps. I have mentioned it a few times in past transmissions. You probably shake your head and wonder, “What the hell is Job Corps?”. Well, this organazation takes people who are at-risk or just need money to pay for college like me and accomidate them financially to do so. Sounds like a good deal right? Hold on there, Jethro. The commercial doesn’t do Job Corps the justice it deserves. I am a Job Corps student and there are some things that you should know about the program.

  1. When you start, you go through orientation when you go to college. It’s four weeks you will never get back. There are some things that are standard when it comes to any kind of orientation; speakers, paperwork, etc. Be prepared to go through long periods of time between doing anything in this program.
  2. The students you deal with in this program are loud, unruly, and disrespectful to both other students and counselors. If you try to ask a question in a group, forget about it. If you want that information, you have to listen very carefully, and good luck with that with the people you’re around. If you hate rap music, no lie, you are going to be ridiculed and annoyed.
  3. Do not go if you are white. If you are white, you better be one of those wigger kids. Otherwise you are subject to the racial verbal abuse given on a daily basis.
  4. Be prepared to sit in the wellness center for hours on end for the first week. Be prepared to hear people complain about everything in the world. “Oo, Negative!! They ain’t stickin’ me with no needles man!”
  5. The disorganazation of the staff is mind-boggling. My god. They give you a schedule every week and then they don’t adhere to it AT ALL. Just go to lunch every day at the same time, then go to the room where the group meets and then ZOMG! MORE CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE TO MAKE UP FOR THE ITEMS THAT WE MISSED! Infuriating.
  6. Don’t even ask about anything to the staff. They will look at you like you’re a piece of shit and then give you some smartass answer. In fact, don’t talk to the staff at all.
  7. Don’t even think about staying on-campus. From []:
    • [quote] “The living conditions were disgusting. One of the females on my floor even defecated in the shower and one threw used tampons in on the floor. No one should have to live like that.”
  8. On pay-day, they will find ways to fine you.
  9. I sit around and wonder how the HELL these people end up in college. They just take anyone now, but that really doesn’t mean that they’ll be there for long.
  10. Policies change so many times it’s horrible.
  11. Don’t get me started on the standard of dress. The clothes they give you are starched like no tomorrow and they’re itchy.  No individuality whatsoever.
  12. In college, you’re treated like an adult. In Job Corps, you’re not treated like a high-schooler, you’re treated like a delinquent. Damn, I never got in trouble with anyone. Why the hell must you treat me like shit? There’s someone else out there destroying property, give this treatment to someone who deserve it!
  13. If you even try to open your mouth to tell other kids to shut up, you are just asking the students to start shit with you. “Don’t start with me. You don’t know who you’re fuckin’ with. I am not the one.” Fuck you.
  14. There’s always someone who wants a cigarette. Then when you turn around and want one of theirs, they charge you.
  15. When you get your pay or your bus pass, come early or you will stay in line for what seems like hours for your meager pay. Again, you are subject to verbal abuse in blackanese, and horrible rap music.
  16. The bathrooms are just bad. They are three times worse than a portapotty.
  17. The food is nothing to write home about, but it’s free. Yay. Oh, if you spill something, wipe it up because the janitors there will just put a “wet floor” sign over the spill and they won’t clean it up. They’ll just let it soak in so that your shoes will stick to the ground. “OH NO THEY DI-INT. I GOT ORANGE SODA ON MY TIMBS!” Fuck your Timbs. If I fall and break my neck, you’ll laugh at me, i’ll black out and I can sue. Now who’s laughing.
  18. You can’t listen to your iPod to tune out the idiots.
  19. They will mark you AWOL for not signing the right sheet.
  20. When you walk out for your next cigarette, don’t stand next to a dorm window. They will throw shit out the window. Cups, plates, dirty underwear.

Keep in mind, this is Pittsburgh’s Job Corps Center (labled as the BEST Job Corps Center in the country)that this anger is geared to. It may be different in other places, but i seriously doubt it. If you consider going here, please keep this entry in consideration. Enjoy your stay at Job Corps, douchebags!


~ by Frost on January 28, 2008.

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  1. 1. I’m not even going to go here. They really really proved themselves unworthy even on the first day and this ties into number 5.

    2. The reason the students are so horrible is because they are people who have to live on campus because they were kicked out of their homes. I mean seriously, they are getting PAID to sit on their ass and do nothing. They are the rudest bunch of children that I have ever met in my life. Completely disgusting. As well as the whole “If you hate rap thing” yes, it’s true. I had my mp3 player and I was listening to music and someone was like, “Are you listening to such and such?” And I’m like “No.. I’m listening to Skillet” and they’re like “Oooo rap?” And I’m like “no.” And they’re like, “You got a problem with rap?” “No only some.” “That ain’t right yo, you prolly listen ta dat shiiiit dat dey call rock” “Umm… yea… ok” “Do ya gots a problem wif me?” Me: -Shakes head- “Nope not at all. -Walks away-”

    3. I myself had a problem with this but I’m not going to get into it. It was just a pain in the ass.. I didn’t stay in Job Corps for more than two days because of this main thing.

    4. This… pissed me off the most about the place. I had all of my shots up to date and a paper that said so.. but they still wanted to give me more shots. I fucking HATE needles… no way. Sorry. But I wasn’t like the other people who made a big deal about it.

    5. This is another thing that pissed me off.. first we had to stand in a line for a few hours to get an ID and then we had to get a bus pass. Not happening. They had absolutely no idea what they were doing.

    6. I also had this problem. These people are working around a bunch of different delinquents and they are picking up their attitude as well. It’s completely ridiculious, and very petty.

    7. I never thought about staying there anyway.. fuck that shit.

    8. I didn’t stay long enough for a pay day so I wouldn’t know. – Thank god!

    9. Thank you! Finally someone understands! My cousin was like “Omg! this is so awesome! They pay for everything” NO. Not happening. I hated it the first day and I dispised it the next.

    11. I don’t even want to get started on that shitty standard of dress that you were supposed to have. Throughout the first two days, they said that we had to be dressed appropriately.. so we went out and bought me some new clothes, I was actually happy about them.. but nooo.. the next day they go and give everyone uniforms and all the girls got MENS clothing… how fucked up is that?! Gah… they completely suck there… completely and utterly have no idea what they are doing.

    12. The people at CCAC are so nice and completely helpful to you… Job Corps is an organization out there that makes you think like you are getting help because they pay you 50 bucks bi-weekly.. yea… 100 bucks a month is going to help someone.. honestly.. I know it does a little but they are paying people for nothing! -Sigh-

    13. I learned this the hard way. I asked someone to please be quiet.. in the nicest way I could.. and they bitched at me for it… like I was fucking wrong?! WTF?! That’s just uncalled for. I was like “I didn’t exactly do anything wrong? Is it necessary to yell like that?” “I’LL YELL IF I WANNA YELL! GOT DAT YA WHITE BITCH!?” Me: -Sighs and shakes head-

    14. Again… I’m not going to go here.. this was uncalled for and totally rude. Someone called me a “racist cracker bitch” because I said that I didn’t have any cigarettes. And I am telling the upmost truth on that.

    15. I heard people doing “rap-battles” outside in the front. I had a problem because people just kept getting in front of me… they would seriously just walk infront of me and say “You don’t mind do you cracker?” “Excuse me.. please don’t call me that. I have a name. And I wouldn’t mind if you would ask properly, but I do have a name.” “Whatever, bitch.” I’m sorry.. but if you don’t know me, you have no reason to call me a bitch, I was nice and polite, which is definitely a step up from what I could have been like, and everyone that knows me knows that.

    16. I never went to bathroom at all. I was like “no way. Nope.”

    17. I never ate there either. Brought some doritos and some pop in my bag. Me and my friend just walked around during lunch time. I was like “No.” And as for the whole pop spilling thing… that happens everywhere. And what baffles me the most is the fact that people spend over 100 dollars on a pair of shoes when.. what do you do with shoes? you WALK on the ground with them.. they WILL get dirty. It’s pointless. Jeez.. I’m happy with my 20 dollar shoes from Target or my 10 dollar shoes from Wal-Mart.. they get me from point A to point B and don’t fall apart until after like a year. Works for me. It also disgusts me when people buy like ten tons of different colored shoes just to match their outfits. During high school… I noticed this a lot, yet it was, and I hate to say it, mainly the black people in the school with that horrible excuse for an english language who ended up getting free lunches from the school.. yea no wonder you have to get free lunches because you spend all of your fucking money on the shoes just to match every single shirt that you own.

    18. I didn’t have a problem listening to my mp3 player. Whenever I was spoken to, I turned it off. Some lady actually pulled me aside and asked me to put it away and I said, “I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I have put up with enough listening to these people abuse the English language and I’ve gotten to a point where I just can’t take it anymore. I’m not bothering anybody, I’m not fighting with anyone. I’m just sitting in the corner.. is that so wrong?” She let me slide that day.

    19. I only signed in twice. xD I never went back.

    20. I never smoked there because I didn’t want people coming up and asking me for one. I actually think that I smoked one time going from the one place to the wellness center and someone asked me for a cigarette and I politely said that it was my last one and I showed them my pack so that they believed me, they were and I SWEAR ON THIS, the ONLY people that didn’t fight with me about it. I fucking hated that place.

  2. Oh man, this is why I’m glad I never got into Job Corps. I heard about it but I didn’t know the seedy underbelly that it really is. Well, leave it to Pittsburgh to have such high standards for things.

  3. Job Corps is what you make it. You want an education? Go to Job Corps, they’ll make you follow rules, fine you for being a jerk-for things like not wearing your uniform-like you are supposed to, fine you for cutting classes-yeah, and….charge you for demanding to go home so you can be with the “people who really love ya”…that’s why you need Job Corps! You should take advantage of the Program, get all you can out of it, maybe find a job, or go further in school. Staying home and complaining got you nowhere-try something that works-maybe you will too.

  4. sga v.p-gold status-student of the year- student of the month- center directors award- completed hsd & trade! Harpers Ferry-
    :Noone deserves to go through what you go through! all thing said are true. and all those things i listed on the top of this replly are me! but what it meant was an image for the center. If your strong! go and be strong. but dont expect nothing. only the paper that says your certified! and then get the fuck out! thats what jobcorps is. dont expect nothing. I was sga. We never could get them to listen to the students voice. and jcnurse if the centers were there for the students and not the money things would be better but their not. I know. I know alot. I was very good. followed all the rules. created the mac website for region two. and all for nothing. but a piece of paper. and no cts support. but atleast i got my paper!

  5. and not all centers pay for college. thats pittsburg! I was on a ghetto center. out in the middle of nowheres. No leaving off center unless there was a trip. and restricted students always got on and us who workedo ur asses off were shit. those who cared were nothing. those who wanted that paper had to deal wit discrimination, and hate! but we still fought through to get that certification for free! that was important. with corrupt security and ra’s it onlky gets better let me tell ya! 😀 ok im done! jus givin my opinion

  6. and not all centers pay for college. thats pittsburg! I was on a ghetto center. out in the middle of nowheres. No leaving off center unless there was a trip. and restricted students always got on and us who workedo ur asses off were shit. those who cared were nothing. those who wanted that paper had to deal wit discrimination, and hate! but we still fought through to get that certification for free! that was important. with corrupt security and ra’s it onlky gets better let me tell ya! 😀 ok im done! jus givin my opinion

  7. omg…my son wants to do this becasue he think im unfair i want him to get a job…probably get his behind killed in mississippi

  8. I am in the jacobs creek job corps its awfull the food is worse than military rations they just made up a rule that we cant bring more than I think three items of food back from our trips wich we get to go to walmart once every couple months and then its only five people from each dorm they pick it by card color and it doesnt matter if your the first to sign up you could get buped completly off the list they also just banned people from having boxes of food sent to them we have been told people are selling them on center and the canteen isnt getting profits so they dont want any student having large amounts of food. they use the money for trips but then they only take the leaders the last one thats what they did I suggested camping a month before and then when they finaly decided to go I was not allowed to becouse I wasnt a leader. at the job corps I am at they we dont have the ability to get a part time job so forget saving up money for when we leave right before christmas break we were told that was taken away. I had sleeping meds presribed to me and once they got to wellness they refused to give them to me. the whole staff are rude is corect one of the stadd members slamed a door into a close friends face actualy hitting her in the face she said she was going to pop him in the mouth and got kicked out he is still in my dorm. I have a male staff asigned to my dorm I am in the only females dorm on center we should have a female staff member. the students are cruel they rely do let criminals on center they take away from the students that act right to punish the ones that arnt. I dont get enough sleep we have meeting two days out of the week that we dont need the information is eaither common sense or things that they have gone over in the last twenty meetings it takes away from being able to get a little bit of sleep in. we clean the entire dorm twice a day again waste of time I live in a military clean house and we dont clean our house twice a day. girls do deficate on the floors and leave dirty tampons every were. our center goes without the washing machines for days at a time and we end up wearing diry clothes. the staff members say they will deal with somthing and they dont there is not such thinkg as zero tolerance one girl ripped a large patch of hair out of another girls head and they did nada she went on to threaten someone else still nada it wasnt until she jumped someone that she got kicked out and this kind of thing happens all the time. someone got drugs sent to them and the center found the drugs and didnt even get the police invovled its horrible

  9. geeez ppl….u want to fucking pay for college?? its free……..u follow theyre rules or get out………

  10. all of that is the same here at blackwell job corps in wisconsin. Which is why im leaving.

  11. Wow you people are all whiney bitches. I am a student at the Clearfield Job Corp. Yes black people are lazy peaces of shit that butcher the english language. Yes the staff suck fat ass donkey cock. Yes they pay you shit. Yes everyone listenes to rap. Yes you have to listen to there stupid rules and were there stupid clothes. But it is free and they are giving you a free education. Its not like you are gonna be there for the rest of your life unless your a complete dumb fuck. The black idiots get kicked out on a consistent basis, so just know that the piece of shit that just called you a cracker will be kicked out anywere from a week to a month, go back to living in the dumpster they were living in befor, slangin themz roks, and blaming white people because they got it bad. Another thing off the subject if your black stop blaming white people cause you have no brain and cant hold down a job. I mean ya we enslaved your people like what two hundred years ago, but your own people enslaved your kind sold you to the english and thats how you got here. If you honestly have a problem with white people for that you could always go back to your starving aids infected piece of shit third world country. Maybe you could make a spear and kill a fuckin wild pig or something. Or you could stay here cram all your problems up your ass, stop bein a worthless piece of shit, stop shooting people, selling drugs, thinkin your hard, get a job, pull up your fucking pants, and get a life. How many hundred years again has it been and you still havent gotten your act together? Wow. Anyways sorry bout the rant thats just been bugging me. Like I said job corp student myself. The program is good in itself but the people make it bad. If you are in control of your own life and know that others cant control how you feel or think then you can make it thru the program and be in a way better possition then you were befor. I have been in job corp for 7 months I am 96 percent complete and will be completing in one month never to look back on the stupidity of the few. I will only think of the acomplishments I have gained for myself. So quit talking trap because you couldnt handle. All it is showing to me is that you are weak and couldnt handle. You let others control you not you controlling your own shit. Anyways I said what needs to be said here.

  12. I am thinking of going to job corps myself! I don’t know what to expect i have heard from some people that it is the best thing in life that they could of done and it gave them a hand up in life for getting and keeping a job, that you have a job set up when you leave and an apartment to go to and all that good stuff and that job corps helps you for a few months after you leave. However i have also heard that you will get beat up there and the staff is a bunch of a holes and what not. I am thinking of attending the one at Blackwell,wi what do you guys think. let me know at me.

  13. I am a graduate of Job Corps. Sorry some people have had problems with the program, I myself loved it! I went to the Blackwell JC campus in Wisconsin. Yes it had many cultures from south central Chicago gang members in it to farmers from the UP. We all got along. Great staff and fair rules is what made it good.

    Make the best of Job Corps. If you can put up with some BS, in the long run it will pay off. I now, after 10 years after job corps, now run a very successful business with 43 employees. Would not be here if it was not for Job Corps help.

  14. job corps sucks ya some job corps are better then others but i have to listin 2 dumb fucks every day like last night i was holdin my boyz cell and a black kid walked up and tryed ripping it out of my hand and then he got in my face and i shoved his ass across the room and he said ima fight u and i said bring it u dont know who ur fuckin wit and now im just waitin for him 2 tryn rush me so i can beat his fuck ass down like i beat his boy down i dont play games wit guys that tryn act hard cause they think cali,s hard ya go to the getto in florida where i grew up i am the nicest guy u will meet untill u piss me the fuck off then i will stomp ur ass in the ground and to the security YALL CAN FUCK OFF U DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS cause all they do is ride around in there vans and i personally dont like job corps cause it sucks to many punk ass bitchs tryn to act hard and a word to the ppl that dont like me i never back down and i am not scared of any 1 so bring it punks and u will hit the pavement

  15. If you make it what you seem, the Job Corps that we go to has all the Qualities of home. Yes everything Is paid for, you have your dorm,your clothes they give you, and the money that is given every other week, we may complain about somethings but AJCC is a wonderful place to be to at, do to the leaders trying to help out in every aspect that they can. At times yes things get changed very fast from rules, to dresscode, to non-smoking campus which highly inforced everyday. we as leaders Do our very best to make this place as best as it can be. There’re inmature Kids that Fuck things up for the rest of the campus for the most part things Chill.

  16. 1. Better than ARMY boot camp orientation which takes 1/4 of the time but is 4 times more painful to endure.

    2. The people there are morons. Bring earplugs, ear muffs and a tie.

    3. The Southern California Job Corps has lots of Hispanic people.

    4. Don’t do drugs or alcohol and you wont pass out from needles.

    5. Request for a psychologist to examine you, be nice to security and ask the head of the department the REAL rules of the center.

    6. If they are rude or reckless, get a lawyer/cop involved fast.

    7. Yes, sleep off-center if you can. There are smoking HOBOS and flaming HOMOS EVERYWHERE.

    8. Carry jolly ranchers, band-aids and tylenol.

    9. Stay upwind and on the side of the staff.

    10. Don’t lose your keys or papers, Get a undershirt.

    11. Don’t bring in contraband and don’t sell it.

  17. waiting on the job corps to call me whenever the hell that maybe…

    i dropped out of high school biggest mistake I’ve made in a while. seeing as ppl have negative inputs and others have positive inputs its kind of confusing the hell out of me of what to expect. I’m honestly sitting here like wtf do i have to expect whether its getting picked on my a bunch of social fuck ups or people stealing my shit. for the most part i dont really have a problem getting along with ppl but then again i am in Georgia where ppl seem to like to start shit with others for fun. there are a few things i wanted to know:
    1. Does anyone have a personal input of the Turner Job Corps in Georgia? (if so could you fill me in)
    2. How are the showers set up? (not big on the whole showering with dudes)
    3. What are the rooms like? (like the size of the room and the size of the beds)
    and any other info you can provide would be widely appreciated 🙂
    email me if you have any info kthx


  18. can anyone give any info on the blackwell job corps in wisconsin?

  19. You made some valid observations as well as some childish ones. As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. A federal program involving group living for hundreds of individuals is going to have its problems, especially when each of those persons come from different backgrounds with diverse social and educational experience. I’ve seen many people benefit from the program as well as many failures. Yes, I am a staff at a Job Corps center. While I agree the clothes are dated and recycled, a polo shirt and khaki pants for education is not making females dress like a male. And work clothes are appropriate for most trades. Unfortunately a large number of students have to suffer due to the actions of a few. It’s a fact of life. And each person can take that experience and make something of it, or complain about the details and fail to rise above the mess.

  20. Need to add just one more thing about my comment above: Staff are not perfect people either. It all reflects the real world. I respect some of my co-workers, dislike some and have made friends with a rare few. Each of us has our own strengths, weaknesses and personalities. Just like the students do.

  21. ummm im going there to the blackwell wisconsin job corp… african american and im sure that blacks arent the only one acting up at job corp some of this shit yall saying is exaggerated…..if u dont like it then fucking leave then and keep ya fucking comments to ur self….im going there and im gone stay no matter how hard it is….as long if know body picks a fight with me then im straight….so stop being little pussies and just fucking deal with it ………

  22. I am going to job corps soon and I am researching all I can before I get there. Please tell me what will happen when I get there and how the students will treat me.

  23. I have to attend Blackwell Job Corps, because yes, I did get kicked out of my house, but not because I was a shit child, just because she was a whore, and I just told her the truth. I’m the nicest person on earth, and honestly, I could care the fuck less what these places look like, smell like, taste like, etc. As long as I get a diploma or HSED, my license, a job and a house, I’m perfectly fine with it.

  24. Oh hollie, you shouldn’t be such a little bitch. Not trying to be mean, but honestly, don’t fucking care who treats you any way, if they have a problem with it, tell them to go finger fuck their mother.

  25. I’m currently at Blackwell. It does suck, period. I went in with a H.S. Diploma, Drivers License, and all that other happy horse shit. For my efforts, they put me on a waiting list and made me sit in a classroom for three months, doing absolutely nothing. If I wasn’t wasting my time in a classroom dealing with mind-numbing boredom, I was dealing with young children’s poor attitudes, constant cleaning, and listening to the R.A.’s (Residential Advisors) criticize us for something that some dumbass 16 year old hood did. Yes, group punishment is still practiced there. If someone else fucks up, everyone gets the shaft.

    As far as what the campus is like, Blackwell is on the shitty side of Job Corps campuses. Don’t expect much in the way of flair or modern technical innovations. Shit, we still have dial-up and an incredibly shitty network that chugs at a slow pace and/or crashes all too often.

    The male dorms are just subpar (but full of TV’s) However, the girls dorm is brand new Theres a lot of cool people there (for now), but thats all that it has going for it.

    Oh, and If a recruiter told you that there was a McDonalds across the street, an olympic size swimming pool, or that you could leave campus after classes were done, You were lied to. We’re out in the middle of the Nicolet National Forest. Out in the middle of a FUCKINING forest. A lot of people were told this, only to get here and find out that the nearest McDonalds and Swimming pool was an hour away. Thank God I knew the area prior to comming.
    Leave campus? Ha! Not on your own free will.

    It’s basically an young adult orphanage. You don’t think it will be bad, then you get there and realize you don’t have control of anything. Don’t worry, they will break you soon enough.
    Could it be worse? Yes. Worth it? If you don’t have anything going for you, then yes. If you DO have things going for you, it’s not worth the free admission. This place goes to show, you get what you pay for, and then some.

  26. now Im scared

  27. I would first of all like to ask, each student what was the purpose of you going to Job Corps? If it was to obtain a high school diploma/GED…WRONG PROGRAM TO SELECT! Job Corps in my understanding was/is designed to give you a specific industry trade skill, so that you can transition back into the workforce. I’m a staff member at one of the centers and I have to say, I’m extremely disappointed in the overall program PERIOD!

    You young people, really need some form of reality check! Think of this, if you attend Job Corps with no high school diploma/GED and ontain a trade certificate, (which by the way, is validated by a simple check list, no exams) and you get into the market seeking work, think of the people you are competing against?

    On one hand, I feel sorry for you guys for even considering this program, but then on the other had, I fault your parents for not really reaseaching and making you pursue the tools you need in life. The unemployment rate has continued to rise and the job market has become extremely competitive. This increase is contributed to the overall conditions in the nation’s economy. Although the number of jobs may have grown, the number of job seekers has also. With the job market being more competitive, you guys are at a disadvantage. Many of Job corps students do not have the skills necessary to compete in this job market. The competition met includes industry professionals with: High School Diploma/GED, 6 months to 1 year of Industry experience, Associate Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree. With the unemployment rate steadily increasing, many individuals are applying for jobs for which they are over qualified. For example: people with master degree’s are applying for student entry level positions. You guys are challenged in that majority most having limited or no work experience and are competing with skilled industry professionals. A few graduates leave centers after their training with limited industry experience and generally receive diploma’s/Certificates without any state certifications or high school diploma/GED’s versus degrees and certifications. The employer trend is to hire an individual that can be utilized across the board that is multi-tasked. Job Corps students, due to the time factors, are not afforded the opportunity of extensive training and education. Many jobs now require a criminal/FBI background check. Some of the students are unable to pass the background checks and some companies are not willing to accept them regardless of the bonding. Credit checks also affect the employability/education of these students. This deters students from seeking employment in area’s such as banking and cash handling. As well as private schools like DeVry, Le Cordon Blue, Everest, which require you or your parents to sign high interest loans for educational purposes and when most of the demographics are from low income households.
    So I ask you, why would you select Job Corps vs identifying a program within your city/region that can provide a GED/High School Diploma and then continue to pursue your education at a local federal funded college?

  28. Reconsider,
    Thanks for your input. It’s nice to see some intelligent argument on the Job Corps issue for once.

    I joined the Job Corps to basically, get something to put on my résumé, and make me a better candidate for a job. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I went into the Health Occupations program (CNA). I realize CNA’s do not get paid well, but I love the work. I figured “Well, if it’s free education, might as well take advantage of it, right?”. WRONG. Now, I’m not saying my Teacher or some of the RA’s haven’t supported me throughout my time here, but the ammount of garbage you are put through on a daily basis just isn’t worth the ‘free’ stuff you get.

    You may ask “what kind of garbage?”. Here’s a short list of BS at Blackwell, and possibly other centers as well.
    – Up to 5 people to a room
    – Constantly changing policies. It’s very difficult to keep on top of whats ‘okay’ and whats ‘no longer okay’. Poor communication is mostly to blame on this.
    – Dorm Leaders. AKA Kids with disciplinary power that is often used to bully and/or intimidate.
    – 16 year olds and 24 year olds living with each other. You do the math.
    – It’s not okay to feel bad. If you think life sucks on the campus, the staff or some kiss-ass will be quick to remind you about the
    1. Free food
    2. Free roof over your head
    3. Oh, and my favorite, YOUR’E GETTING PAID TO BE HERE. Basically, they don’t think you have the right to complain. Honestly, I’d rather live like Grizzly Adams. He still has his independence. Isn’t that what this program is all about? Promoting Independence? I don’t need your bi-weekly stipend to survive
    – You have to rely on others in the outside world to Refill any medications you may have. This creates quite an issue when you run out of desperately needed medications. Blackwell is not a good place to go through withdrawls.
    – No energy drinks allowed
    – No Vitamins or Supplements, including protien, allowed.
    – Oh, but smoking is allowed!
    – Kitchen Patrol (KP). 7 days, 14 hours per day, serving food to very unfriendly and impatient students. There is no extra pay or incentives. The Blackwell Job Corps Center just changed it’s KP selection policy from Education or part time Education only (GED/HSED students), to Trade students only (people with HS/GED/HSED Diplomas). Naturally, I was outraged. I understand they belive it will allow more time for the Education students to achive their GED or HSED. What I don’t understand is this; Why must we bear more burden because we finnished High school? Why are Education students allowed to sit around and do (literally) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 8 hours a day, while we ‘educated folk’ slave away in our books and hands-on work? Why is mediocrity and sloth awarded? Why is hard work paid off with even harder work? The good, hard-working, individuals are starting to break under the pressure of it all.

    I came into this sorry excuse of a program with a High School diploma, prior work experience, even some college courses under my belt. What did I get for it? Nothing, so that it can be fair for the other wastes of skin. Smarts, Experience, Capability, and Ability are all irrelevant. Seniority is all that matters here.

    The only reason I go back after leaving for a weekend pass is to show that I have a spine. I’m not a gutless wonder. I REALLY do have balls. That I will stand up for what is right. That I will NOT be pushed around by anyone who abuses or misuses power. Now, my only focus is to get my trade done and GTFO. Anyone who stands in my way is going to get trampled. Sheer willpower and determination is what gets me through (along with ranting and off-color humor).

    Pardon my French, But, to the kiddies and people who just “love” this program. FUCK OFF. I hate it. You are not going to change my mind about it. But, it does not mean I am not a good person or one hard working motherfucker. So pardon my French again, and stay the FUCK out of my way. Graduation is calling my name.

  29. I am in the Job Corps also This place since i been here has had multiple people kicked out for jumping others.. Even my crippled bay mate was jumped… We have shit to do here on this center a rec that is always taken over by the a large group of black african american guys playing basketball. if you don’t play basketball you might as well not enter the Rec unless you like to play pool,board games, or on rare occasions video games. We do have a day room twice a day and every fucking day these stupid mother fuckers cant give a minute of resepect. Our Residential Supervisor is “trying to better” this center by making it more “fun” the food in the morning is the same thing every day and i can tell you what i am so burnt out on bacon,sausage, biscuits, gravy.. Lunch and Supper are two Totaly different Subjects.. I have only been here a week and I can see how this place could be a Undercover Corectional Facility. We cant go anywhere off this Hill unless you have a weekend pass you can take which you have to have money to go on weekend pass. we the students have to ask to go to the store and they usually take us to Dollar General Hardly ever Walmart.. One of our Dorms went on a Dorm trip for being Dorm of the month and some of the students decided to rob a Potato Chip truck right after they got done eating at a all you can eat buffet.. Stupid ass people cause the rest of the center to suffer… This center is 60% african American 30% white and 10% Hispanic.. Damn what a combo… I am just going to do what I have to to get the hell out of this program… Thanks for listening to me Rant…

  30. Yo, this is Penndawt Carneal, and I’m at CCAC via PJCC this semester. I have to say that Job Corps Pittsburgh started off as nothing more than an asylum route from where I was previously, and now that place is nothing more than a danger zone with a mess of stuff that’s just useless or easy to tweak for my own personal benefit. Here’s the stuff that went down in 2010, all of which in effect since I entered OCT with Pre-Co in May.

    – Two students in my Pre-Co class (Jennifer & Anjewel) started a rumor saying I was racist. They based this off one one thing, I was talking about voting Republican at the primaries/election in the oral communications class. This was brought to the nutcase of a deputy center director, Ms. Taleb who pretty much defended them. Why you have a staff member and the CSIO team not placing consequences on an issue that pretty much can defame me, and could’ve costed me to lose respect from students, is beyond unacceptable in my mind.

    – The R.A. Ms. Haymon at Alpha-Omega, and the Driver’s Ed teacher (Ms. H) started to act relatively prejudice towards me. Them, and soon following, other staff members (Math Tabe teacher, Ms. Arnold, especially later) started to think I was some rich kid who lived some Beverly Hills lifestyle. It turns out I am in one of the absolute worst situations in regards to a family situation. I will be staying in Pittsburgh hoping & praying to not go insane over boredom for eighteen days. These staff members started to treat me unfair to other students. This situation was probably the smallest staff issue and has been one of the issues that hasn’t grown since break, as Ms. Arnold who was the biggest contributor at the end, managed to resign.

    – The OCT (college) supervisor, Mr. Bob Gottschalk managed to try to take away my right to an administrative leave, as my grandmother was in the ICU. Job Corps started to slowly try to ease family issues, so seeing my grandmother before she’s pass away was something I thought would make sense. Wrong, I was not only told that this situation isn’t even “good enough for personal days”, and Gottschalk spend the Friday morning tirading across the center, teasing me, verbally attacking me, and threatening to “try to get me termed”. The only reason I got what I rightfully deserved was becasue student records actually did their job. Kudos for student records, however, since I made an HR report and the center director, Mr. Douglass did nothing. This incident pretty much redirected my perspective of their program.

    – The week Pre-Co was to end, ended with a bang, and a scream, and a controversy. There was evidence that the OCT counselor, Mr. Jalloh wanted to mock and belittle me by humiliating me at a dinner at a restaurant in another town, and the Pre-Co debate was about to be favoring for the Pro-Affrimative team to win, as they were the instructor’s, Mr. Duda’s favourite students. This issue was brought up to the deputy Center Director, who recruits the counseling supervisor, Ms. Harper & Wellness in this, in a disrespective mannor. In additition to this, another Pre-Co student, named Bruce managed to say a racist comment while watching a movie. I was offended, but Mr. Duda and those classmates started to attack me verbally, and when I tried to reach Security, Mr. Jalloh, who also ran his mouth against me just to pit me and my Pre-Co students against me, stopped me from trying to snitch on the Pre-Co student. Several staff members – Ms. Hefflin (now recently fired), Ms. Harper, Mr. Gottschalk, Mr. Duda, & Mr. Douglass started to threaten me. So, the rumor about me being “racist” went back around, and the staff members join in on the gossip clique as well.

    – This issue managed to involve Mr. Gottschalk literally getting my biweekly pay withheld, over the fact I went to a college republican meeting. His sorry excuses were “he was handling pay” &* “there was a meeting”, both of which sound like things that are made in advanced, and aren’t some kind of emergency. The next day, a security staff member managed to tell me “I think they should name the center after you, the Dan (my real name!) Carneal center after you, especially when you die”. I reported that incident to HR, and nope, yet again, nothing was investigated in any kind of fair way, as usual. One student, named Kiddada managed to get into this business, while slandering me, trying to tell people I’m gay. Kiddada also associates with people from a nearby neighbourhood who attacked me, and she has used gang violence on me. If Kiddada was to continue, I will make a report. If staff members ignore this issue, I’ll have no problem reporting the Pittsburgh Job Corps center to a domestic abuse hotline, reporting the center for Gang Affiliation.

    – I have recently been thinking to myself. Why should I “respect” staff members when they never give it back? I have my own CSIO policy and if they continue to break it, I’ll cause controversy. I am my own CSIO and staff should adhere to it just like I adhere to theirs.

  31. Going to Job Corps is like being being prescribed Birth control pills designed for young guys only, that practice absinence. Any Absinence practicing teenage/young guy should sell those prescribed birth control pills, and not literallt take them for their ownuse. That is very similar to how Job Corps works. Here is another rant, consisting of the flaws & lies, & ways to manipulate them, explaining that.

    – If you are a college student, especially with Job Corps & CCAC in Pittsburgh, think of this: If you are living at Job Corps & attending CCAC, but you are NOT A JOB CORPS STUDENT. You are Only a RESIDENT. You are a CCAC STUDENT. CCAC is giving me my education, thus I’m a student there and I’m only living at a “college dorm” that just happens to be on Federal US property. That is what makes me classified as a Job Corps RESIDENT. I WAS in trade, so I WAS a Job Corps student and graduate.

    Here is what goes down in each department at Pittsburgh, in terms of flaws & what they’ll tell you, that isn’t true:
    1. Admissions – Those guys will only tell you what you want ot hear to get you through and they’ll tell you what the DOL wants to tell you. Try meeting a student, or finding one online to give you the real information.
    2. C-Prep – The C-Prep staff at Pittsburgh is a very boring time. If you know you can’t spend 90% of your waking moments doing absolutely nothing active for a solid month, you’ll be cut this fast. Wellness will set you up like any other government ran medical practice that takes Free Health Care/Mediciad. They will tend to help those students with health issues ONLY, even though Wellness isn’t different that medical practices that keep addicts the same, and keeps patients feeling the same for a longer period of time. I had a huge fever (I’d say it was 103-105 degrees) & all I did was sleep. Never told the R.A. Never went to wellness. Never took a drugs or got high.
    3 Education/TABE – Education classes & TABE are very disorganised. Like C-Prep, classes are very inactive, non-engaging, irrelavant, but you’ll have to do more BSing rather than nothing. You must not be seen as a problem, that’s all. You’ll easily get you GED/HSD or TABE out the less you are a problem and the more you just do the work. It’s either online or book, and multiple choice.
    4 Trades – If you have already proven your boredom enduring skills and BSing/do be a problem skills, you get to move on to the schmoozing rounds. To be successful in a trade, you need to be fastly-working, noticed that you have skill, and schmooze to the people you know will help you later. This includes your shop instructor, shop counselour, CTT manager, counseling supervisor, and CTR-CTS staff (they are last). The more you impress, the more you’ll get whatever you want that you can have. If you scractch their backs, it will be like getting a message from a sexy therapist, in a tropical setting, sipping on a rum drink (not made by Job Corps), and you’re naked, with just a towel on. You will have the power of the center, not them.
    5. All of the administrative services, every single one of them, are inconvient, badly shaped, but easy to tweak or perhaps, boycott. If you don’t like the food, buy your own. If you don’t like the dorms because they’re horrible, stay somewhere else. If you don’t like security, inform them that you’ll wish to handle all incidents off-center (under domestic/police investigation), and they’ll be smart to listen to you, and complete morons to not listen. Wellness is complete crap, so get private medical insurance somewhere else, please. As for recreation: If you like football, go to the lounge. If you like movies, books or anime, go to the library. If you don’t like any of that but can’t leave center, go to sleep.
    6 – OCT. The easiest thing to manipulate is the college program. In Pittsburgh, I repeat, You are a CCAC STUDENT. Not a PJCC STUDENT. Job Corps pays your tuition, only if Financial Aid doesn’t. Please get the docs & fill out FAFSA. In addition, if you were/are a Foster kid, please let someone know. That will make your life seem a bit pampered.
    7. Administration – Don’t deal with them unless you get yourself in a incident that turns to be reported to them. These are the people who are not there to listen to little stories. Trust me on that one.
    8. Dorms – If you are going to complain , do something about it. Don’t be a hypocrite. Talk to someone to get your situation fixed. Try going for Section Leader or Dorm Committee. When push comes to shove, get an issue adressed on-center, then if it doesn’t rightfully go your way, take it off-center. If it comes down to your issue vs. The Center’s reputation & Staff’s job, something has to give.

    So, there you have it. If you give prescribed birth control to a young guy that practices absinence, he better be banking of some cash and not taking the pills. Just like when Job Corps gives you something that is competely useless and you know it, try to tweak around to find something that’s productive.

  32. ok i feel i have to put in my opinion here too. i am a job corps student as well and have been here on “the hill” as they call it here for a month and 2 days. all that is said above is true both the good and the bad. yes, there are alot of bad apples here, but there are also some good people. back stabbing roommates, two faced people, its what happens when you get this many people living in this small of a space and are not allowed out to civilization. one girl in my dorm just went home last week she was jumped 5 times in 3 days and called 911 the last time and was fined $350 for calling the cops because this is federal government property. our dorm staff keeps saying this is your home make the most of it respect it well if this is our home shouldnt we be allowed to feel safe here? shouldnt we be allowed to have our opinions? things were ok when i first got here but it seems like things are just getting worse the longer im here where i thought that they would get better, but their not. over half of the center is on white cards and its mostly for petty little bull shit. as for the discrimination, even some of the staff here do it and its mostly against the white people.

    even with every thing that has gone on while ive been here from the entire center being on lock down twice now to my best friend here leaving cuz she was attacked to all the fights and the petty drama, im staying. i came here for a reason, you just have to remember what that reason was no matter what you go thru. i will leave this program with 22 college credits, be a better person, and be proude of myself because i know that im doing this for me and im not letting anything stop me or come in my way of getting to where i need to be.

  33. is there any good comments about job corps? im leaving in two days to go to Montgomery Alabama and now all of you people have me scared to death.

  34. After reading all that I’m still going! BRING IT ON!!!!

  35. That’s nice that you feel the need to say racist things, then sugarcoat it. What the hell were you thinking going to a government funded program, since you obviously have issues with people of color? People of color are disenfranchised, so of course they would be the majority of participants in such a program. If you’re racist, you’re stupid to go. Stay at home.
    Job corps is like AA. It works if you work it. You have to tolerate a lot of crap, but if you can put your blinders on and do what you’re there to do, you’ll be fine.
    People, don’t be scared by this whiny ass person. It’s not that scary. Nothing will happen to you. But for the love of everything that is good, if you can’t handle it, stay home.

  36. Job corps is a fuck of a shitty place but wow you turned this unnecessarily racist

  37. The bathrooms are even grosser in college and if you sign the wrong paper in the “real world” there are worse consequences than being marked “AWOL.” Welcome to the rest of your life. Why the sense of entitlement? This program is free!


  39. OMG I’m terrified…. I’m a timid fat white kid looking at South dakota’s Job corps…. well… I was but I don’t want to be raped.

  40. Job Corps needs reformation. I hate the whole “deal with it” remarks, nobody should have to “deal” with any of the BS I’m reading on here. There should be an interview process that takes into account the demeanors of individuals applying. “Hood” or “ghetto” attitudes will be checked at the door if I were running the organization. I’m inspired to get involved and change the system there. The premise of Job Corps sounds too good to be ruined by self-absorbed, socially challenged, and the commonly intellectually challenged ingrates that seem to fill the centers across the country. I would probably make staff changes as well based on similar standards because young people (or at least young minded people) tend to behave the way they see those who are in authority positions carry themselves. I’m sorry for the incivility that many of you were exposed to. If I were running such an establishment then these critiques would never have gone like this. I never went to Job Corps but after reading these statements I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. They need to make some serious changes starting from the top and on down.

  41. I know this review was written a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG time ago, but I guess I’ll add my two cents. First of all, I haven’t been to Job Corps yet, but I’ll be leaving in the next two weeks for the Jacobs Creek center. I’m trying to be optimistic about going, but with all of these negative reviews it’s hard to keep a positive outlook. I know it’s not going to be a walk in the park- I mean…IT’S FREE. And you know the old saying: you get what you pay for. I’m black, and I can TOLERATE rap music ( I prefer rock music- Falling in Reverse in particular 😀 ) , but because of the demographic you all are describing I’m prepared to be bombarded with it. You’re dealing with all walks of life when you go to a place like this- there’s bound to be a culture clash. What I want to know is was there any upside to your experience? Something positive had to have come out of this situation. FYI- not all black people are ignorant and ghetto, and for the ones that are…you just have learn how to cope with it to get to your end goal. I’m just hoping my experience is different from the horror stories you’ve described here. There has to be a bright side right?

  42. Okay so in considering going to Job corps in Batimore City. I really hope I don’t get jumped. I pretty much keep to myself anyways. I’m not at all racist. That shit is unacceptable in this state and by some of these ignorance responses I’m not surprised that you had a hard time. People are the same no matter the race. I know white people who abuse the english language. I’ve never been jumped and hope to keep it that way ill be staying on campus and im not a gangster. I will get pissed if people cal me a white bitch and I will defend myself but for the most part I won’t hit anyone. I’m not so much a fighter but I damn sure aunt nobody’s punching bag. But I would really like to thank everyone who made me a little nervous of this place. I’m not going there to make friends anyways. I need to provide my daughter and I with a better life and hopefully this will be a huge step.

  43. I am going into the office administration program in Cincinnati, Ohio, in March of 2014, and I am looking forward to it.

    I googled the Cincinnati Job Corps location, and it did not look bad at all. As for Job Corps’s Facebook page, the vast majority of people said that they had the best time at Job Corps.

    For all of the people that bad mouth Job Corps, it is your fault!

  44. Am currently at job corps in the mid west and nothings changed, now job corps is exactly what it says it is, BUT for every good kid there are hundreds of bad ones. Kids call it jail and they make it jail for every one else, running around in the little crew acting tough. It sickens me some of these kids need a good ass whopping. After job corps my opinion on rats(thugs) changed, constantly blasting there music, rude in general. Lock your stuff up even your draws dudes here nasty they’ll steal anything, then have the nerve to wear it if your report missing cloth they don’t do anything and because there’s no fighting its get termed over a pair of pants. Its not fair and then there your roommates, your going to want to kill them they will bring thieves in your room and don’t bother asking them were your towel went they know but there a rat they won’t yell you a friend needed one. Then there’s the attitudes kids have some nerve here, if they bumps into you they act like it your fault if your in a hard trade don’t stay near anyone with a hammer, if you snap after they bust your pinky, terminated. Then these weasels make bestirs with the ra’s and bend the rules. Girls will have it easy besides constantly be flirted with which is the only problem beside other nastygirls. Boys your chance of getting kicked is 50/50 because its based on who you come in contact with. Your a good kid but someone pushes your button you stay out and away from problems but they see that as weakness, you can’t just bust a dude in the nose who’s disrespectful. And selfdenfense forget it you kick there ass or loose your getting kicked out.
    This is a good program but they just let anyone one and make it bad, they need segregation split the bad from the good put them in a boot camp straighting them up learn some manners. Because doesn’t matter which center you go to there’s scum everywhere.
    The pays bs don’t believe the guidebook for anything. For scum this is just welfare for people who want to be something its a stepping stone and a challenge(putting up with others nonsense)


  46. Thanks for the help and advice .but don’t call me a douche bag .

  47. I attended the Joliet Job Corps from March 4, 1999 – mid-August 1999. It was sponsored by Global at the time. Many of the comments that were made above by students are quite accurate, as far as what to expect.

    When I attended the Joliet center, I was 19 years old. I was from a very rural area in central Illinois and didn’t know what to expect. Now when I look back at the experience and can compare it to other life experiences, I’m not sure that my experience differed greatly from being in a juvenile detention facility.

    I am the “Treva” who wrote the now widely shared Rip-Off report regarding the Joliet Job Corps Center. There are things that I had pushed to the back of my mind, out of trauma and fear, that never made it to the report. My original report is located at

    I can rememember a fellow student.. He was white and so “country” that people gave him a specific nickname. He was not well liked by most people because he was.. well, annoying. Five or six students emptied a plastic Mt. Dew bottle, urinated inside of it, and poured it over his face while he was asleep. I honestly do not remember if they were terminated from the program or not… Due to the potential health/safety hazard, I certainly hope that they were.

    Another student, believed to have ratted on others for their on-campus marijuana use, was jumped and had one of the utilitiy razors held to his throat.

    I think that job corps has potential, if operated correctly under the proper perameters. This includes a caring staff and the proper safety/health measures being in place. For the SANE, non-delinquient.. If you have OTHER options… GO FOR THEM. Avoid job corps if you have other alternatives available. If you are 18-24 years old, you WILL be treated as if you were still a minor.

  48. clearfield jobcorps is the same why worst 8 months of my life, the program is a joke. staff is unprofessional, food sucks, bed bugs, lot’s of ignorant black people (not racist its true) i’ve been assulted for being white and “emo” needless to say i didn’t lose. welness is a JOKE i went in for an infected tooth they gave me an ibuprophen and told me it wasn’t their probleml

  49. Clearly, those who attended Job Corps, or are considering it, fucked up in high school and/or life in general…because if you didn’t, Job Corps would not be an option.

    I attended Pittsburgh Job Corps. I came from a middle class family. I fucked up in high school. I saw an opportunity for FREE college. With that opportunity also came rules. I understood that, by receiving this FREE education, I must follow PJCC guidelines. If that meant, living on campus with a bunch of dirty muthafuckas, so be it. If that meant I had to be in by curfew, so be it. If that meant eating nasty food, so be it. It was all FREE. Yes, you may be prone to theft, so keep your prized possessions at home! The only prized possessions I had were photos I had taken with friends I met at PJCC…and even those got stolen, smh. Yes, security is some shit who abuse their power…but to be honest, I’d rather be someplace that is monitored than not…especially with all the shit that goes on, and the people involved. Sure, there were racists, ignorant fucks there, but who gives a shit? They ain’t paying your bills! No one is getting in the way of MY education…unless I allowed them to. At the end of the day, them same fuck ups everyone refers to, will continue to be fuck ups. Don’t let them ruin what you sought out to do. Yes, you’re gonna run into a bunch of losers while there, but you don’t have to be friends with them. Associate with people that are more like you…or keep to yourself. PJCC offered off-campus activities, which I signed up for on a weekly basis. The biweekly pay at the time was $21.21. Which was sufficient for me — room/board, breakfast/lunch/dinner, activities, transportation, etc. were all FREE. While there, I actively sought out activities. While the losers bitched about being bored, I was signing up for every off-campus activity PJCC had to offer! The best thing about the off-campus activities was, since the losers stayed on campus being negative together, I got to enjoy time away. The recreation department is allotted a certain amount of money to fund these activities. So when they have money to fund 50 kids to an off-campus event…but only 20 kids sign up…they have all this extra money to take us out to nice places to eat afterwards. Once I got hip to this fact, I signed up for every event I could! In regards to the “salary”, I got a part-time job doing telemarketing work. It didn’t pay much, but I didn’t have any bills. Plus, I was off campus…away from all the negativity. I also participated in ANYTHING that had to do with winning and/or earning money or giftcards. At PJCC, there was a weekly spelling bee. First prize was a $20 gift card to Giant Eagle. Every week, I would take my “winnings” and buy microwavable foods to keep in my locker.

    On another note, if you go to Job Corps, keep in mind that you are EARNING while you learn. You also earn bonuses every time you complete a spinoff. Since I was in the college program, my earnings were different. I received a bonus for every college credit I obtained. Although I didn’t complete my degree, the check I received once I left was pretty hefty — the longer you stay, and more certificates you receive, the more bonuses you get. On top of that, I received another bonus check a few months afterwards, for getting a job in my field of study.

    With that said, Job Corp ain’t for everyone…but if you go, make the best of the situation.

  50. Job Corps: great opportunities, horrible rules. The thing that really messes up this program is the facts that there are a lot of losers, people who have a hard time getting along in society, and criminals who go here, so of course, they have all of these rules! The downside to that is not everyone that goes there is hooligan or some fucking criminal, and maybe for the people who are criminal the rules make sense and could help them, but for the people who aren’t? Then what? They’re going to be treated the same way? And therein lies the problems. But, what to expect, it’s Job Corps after all. It’s a last resort. This makes it good and bad. It’s good in that you get: free food, free education, and certifications, and bad: rules that make no sense, losers who will start drama and fights, not being able to get out of center, etc. Job Corps might not be so bad if your Job Corps allow you to go there as a non-resident, because then you won’t be hit by the full force of the terrible, TERRIBLE rules they have there (but, you’ll still be dealing with them), which are driving me insane in their own awful way. Or better yet, if you have other options just take advantage of them, seriously. Job Corp should be no option. It’s a last resort for a reason you don’t want to find out

  51. Oh, to the person saying that black people are lazy. Well, what a funny thing for a person who’s too lazy to write correctly to say! Look like someone projecting! Feeling inferior, I see. It must be true that racists really ARE stupid LOL.

  52. This was an interesting thread to read. I skipped the main article and just read the comments. A lot of you are very negative about Job Corps (and black people). I have an interview scheduled for next week and of course this negativity does instinctively affect me. But I need to see it with my own eyes whether it’s really this bad or not. Call me hard-headed. But I’ve been doing a lot of asking around and, as some people have also said here, I hear a lot of testimonials that Job Corps is what you make it. They’re not boosting it up, but they’re being neutral. Some even have some positive things to say about their campus. So I’m trying to understand where all these bad-mouthing stories of Job Corps are coming from. I suppose every experience is an individual one. A bad time for one person is a good time for someone else. Again, that’s why I simply need to personally see what Job Corps is like for myself.

    For those of you who commented saying they were going to enter Job Corps, but never did a follow-up, I’d love to hear how your experience went. I really think personal connection between members of Job Corps is important, especially since, apparently, you have to keep to yourself while you’re there. Sharing gives us a chance to learn or vent. I can give you my email. I beg you to tell your experience! Again, I just have an interview coming up and haven’t gotten in yet (if accepted I should be in by the end of the year), but for future readers/potential enrollees, if I get accepted and you want to to hear my experience, I can give you my email as well.

    By the way, in the midst of my research, I came across a pretty recent document from Job Corps. It’s a “report card” that ranks the 126 campuses; I guess from overall best to least successful campuses. Blackwell, the campus that is mentioned a lot here, is in the bottom 3 lowest performing campuses at 124. Pittsburgh, another campus mentioned a lot, is at 94. This document seems pretty legit (and in correlation to these testimonies I guess I believe it more now). In case you want to see where your campus ranks:

  53. (cont.) Just in case you guys wanted to know my background story: In all technicality, I’m a good student (I ended high school with a high GPA) and I’m not a troublemaker at all (I suffer from anxiety/depression so I naturally keep to myself at all times). I’ve been debating either Job Corps or college. I could probably get into college. But due to my aforementioned mental illness, AND a hearing disability to boot, college is a scary prospect for me. Job Corps is not a competitive program, but college is. Plus the increase in demands from the job market… I’ve read you can barely get a job nowadays without at least a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree. Which means many more classes to try and succeed in, and much more money to spend. I believe all that stress will trigger me to fail more than some rap music will. I can’t stand people no matter where I go, so the rough people will hardly matter. I hate cleaning so the chores part will probably be the worst. But in the end, really, all I care about it working/making money. I want to go to Job Corps because I feel it may get me into the working field quicker than college. The fixed allowance is not a lot of money but it’s more than I make on my own now. My main concern is having a close connection with the educators (which i will need with my disability). The comments talking about nonchalant, rude supervisors is the scariest part to me, But I will make sure I am some place where the supervisors are attentive, and as long as that’s guaranteed I’m quite sure can handle the rest.

    For some reason my email didn’t post on my last comment so here it is. Again I’d like to hear from the previous commenters who said they were going. And potential enrollees can email me once I get in. My email is I don’t care if your experience was positive or negative, JUST PLEASE SHARE!!

  54. I’m currently there. 2nd time. The main reason why i chose to come back is because of drivers ed. No one at home wanted to take me out driving.
    Most of these statements are true.
    Especially with pay. You’re lucky if pay is in cafe b. But when it’s in the gym the staff purposely act like assholes to try piss everyone off.

    When I came back things got worse. Because of a student in Florida getting killed, Res students can no longer leave center whenever they want. It messed up the non res as well for a while when it came to leaving. Non res used to be able walk right in in the mornings. Now everyone gets checked which if the bus is a little late your screwed if you’re trying to eat breakfast.
    And as of 10/7/15 Wednesday is lockdown. No one is allowed to leave center AT ALL(Res). Idk if it was like this but, Non res are not allowed to hangout with Res students after the training day.

  55. While old, this post along with the comments have been helpful to me in providing insight to what others see and experience on center. I’m currently in the process of enrolling. I’m looking into doing the CMA program and the Pittsburgh center seems to be my only option for my trade choice where I currently live.
    While the negatives about the PJCC seems too be rather huge, seeing as I am a white, 22 year old female coming from a middle class family, I’m struggling to get much of anywhere else in life for the current time being. I failed to plan for alternatives after graduating high school, thinking I could possibly jump straight into the military right after, but after attempting to enlist at the beginning of this year and finding out I weigh too little, as well as lacking the ability to pay for college in any way, I was left with the options to job search or head to Job Corps. After endlessly attempting and applying for over eight months in my area now and hearing nothing back, Job Corps now seems to be my only real option to advance forward to achieving SOMETHING for myself.
    I have personally heard both negative and positive reviews of how Job Corps is.
    A few years back, my best friend attended one of the centers in Michigan for the security trade and had mixed reviews. She ran into much of the same problems that many in the comments have with “troubled” students who found nothing better to do than to try to make her life miserable while there, but she did the smart thing by finding a few close students to stick with and booked it as quickly as she could through her trade.
    I currently have an older brother in the program who attended Harpers Ferry JCC, and currently is in advanced training in Massachusetts, whom is loving the program. Not once has he had any major issues from either staff or student. He speaks highly of the program and the training provided.
    From what I am seeing and hearing, the program is not much different from being in high school honestly with some slightly different rules that apply, but until I manage to get there, I guess I won’t know.

  56. What happens if you go AWOL

  57. This post is old, but I’d like to tell my story.
    I attended Pittsburgh Job Corps nearly one year ago in May and finished around October. I did the CNA program and I did like it!

    Like others said, Job Corps has it’s pros and cons. Yes, there are kids who don’t follow rules, steal, act rude, etc. Yes, the staff can be rude and clueless at times. Yes, they can be unorganized. Yes the food sucks sometimes. But guess what? This is free! They pay you an allowance bi-weekly. Might not be a lot but it’s still good. Take advantage of this program if your 16-24.

    My advice is to come here, determined to do what you need to do. Stay away from the trouble makers. Don’t try to be friends with everyone. If you’re staying on campus, don’t bring valuable items! If you do, lock them up.

    Job Corps is what YOU make it.

  58. I want to pgh job corps in 1981 through 1983 it was a great place

  59. Frostbite or whatever….stop generalizing that’s for weaklings….

  60. Also the program was free did you expect 5 star treatment…plus frostbite lol or whatever you’re no better than the douchebags that you went to school with. Bigot central smh.

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